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Family Owned Company

Rodent Proofing

Crawl Space & Attic Clean Out

Martinez Ca

About Us

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are a family owned and operated firm, based in Martinez Ca, For more than 25 plus years we have been resolving a broad spectrum of rodent problems in all types of homes, commercial, institutional and residential settings.

To maintain our high level of performance our staff at Quality Pro Guard inc participates in educational programs on rodent behavioral , safety and other areas of

environmental concern.

The most unique part about partnering with a family business is the access to owners. It is not rare to have the owners answer the phone or show up at customers accounts.

We are very involved in our community by managing and sponsoring a youth sports teams for several years now. We want our youth to succeed in all aspects of their lives!

Why us ?

At Quality Pro Guard

We cater to our customers and is what our family business is built on.

Quality Pro Guard

  • Family owned & Operated
  • Professional
  • Consistent
  • Highest Standards 

Your Team of Experts

Professionals with over 50 plus years in the industry


25+ yrs of expertise


Rodent Proofer

15+ yrs


Attic & Crawl Expert



Rodent Proofer

5+ yrs